After being diagnosed with 3 slipped discs and 4 pinched nerves, I was told at the age of 20 that my only options were a series of injections or surgery.  Since neither are an option for me, as I am a horse trainer at a competition barn and cannot take an extended period of time off, I decided to take matters into my own hands.  I tried everything–acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, and nothing worked.  I was still in pain and unable to fully live my life.
Then, one of my clients recommended Jason Rabineau, a Chiropractor and Rolfer.  Although none of the other forms of bodywork had helped, I figured I had nothing to lose and decided to make an appointment to try the work he created called EASE.
After my first session, I was in disbelief!  I could actually breathe into my back, my shoulders were relaxed and I had NO PAIN in my body.  Because of how amazing my body felt, I was able to start living my full, active life again.
The results from that first session with Jason lasted a whole year!  I 100% believe that Jason and his work healed my body and gave me the tremendous gift of movement, flexibility, straightness, and freedom that I had been seeking.
I highly recommend Jason to anyone who is looking to be released of any pain they hold in their body so they can start living again!

MD, Sonoma, CA

I’m not sure why I haven’t written this review before. It’s long overdue. I’ve been seeing Jason for almost 4 years. I see him in Marin. I was initially referred to Jason by a Pilates instructor I was seeing.
She suggested that I would make more progress getting some body work by Jason in a faster amount of time than I would by only practicing Pilates. I wasn’t totally sure what she meant at the time but I have a pretty good idea now. She mentioned that Jason was a “healer”.
Over the time that I’ve been seeing Jason I’ve had great change in my body but also in my life due to his guidance and empathic approach. Jason has a very multidimensional view of the world that I feel grateful to have been exposed to. My own intuition has grown tremendously and my views of life both broad and personal have widened.
Jason is very skilled with his hands on work – figuring out what needs attention. If your looking for a “massage”, this is not what you’re going to get. Jason’s work is deep, intentional and transforming. In other words, it doesn’t necessarily feel “good” but is very effective!  He creates change.
The emotional healing I’ve gotten by working with Jason over the years has been essential in my growth and path. He’s an amazing listener without judgement and is super empathic. He helps me to see places for growth and helps me to recognize accomplishments too. He truly is a healer in both mind and body and connecting the two.
If you need a “coach”, a “healer” or someone to help you have the life you want to live, I can’t recommend Jason enough. He does all of these things and more!

JN, Marin, CA

Let me start by saying Jason is phenomenal. I have now completed a series of EASE sessions with Jason Rabineau, and it’s certainly been an amazing experience. Long standing physical issues have been resolved and I feel a permanent improvement in my structural alignment.
Jason has an incredible way with people–he is compassionate and able to sense intuitively where his clients need his help. For me, the work with him was both physically and emotionally rewarding. I was able to work to change things in my life that were negatively effecting my physical being. His gentle manner has encouraged me to examine habits that were no longer working for me and now I’ve adopted a new way of responding to many stressful situations in my life.
I would recommend working with Jason to anyone. It’s rather incredible–I feel like a new person and although people around me have been sick repeatedly in the last 6 months, my body seems to have reached a new level of health and my immune system has stayed strong!

CW, Oakland, CA

You are a genius! I feel so much better and all my bits and pieces put back where they belong. No more pain from the fall, yippee! Thanks so much.

DE, Marin, CA

I started working with Dr. Rabineau in early 2014. I had no idea he was going to be such a powerful catalyst for my personal growth. The combination of compassion and listening he possesses is truly profound.
He is a Chiropractor and a Rolfer, but the work I do with him is largely based around talking and identifying stressors in my life, noticing where that emotion tenses up my body, then dispelling that stress with breathing and awareness.
Since working with Jason, I’ve been able to shift a chronic pattern of low back strain. But, even more than that, he has helped me cultivate an ability to express myself more honestly and courageously in my life.

BW, Oakland, CA

I visited Jason for several months of EASE which, in addition to seriously changing my life, also cured my sciatic pain and very visibly improved my posture. He is one of the top two body workers I have ever been to and is able to incorporate an incredibly diverse set of healing modalities as a practitioner. I highly recommend him!!


Just wanted to say thank you again!   I can’t tell you how much better I am.  I’m amazed – you are such a wizard – Thank you for being in my life.  I am in awe !!  Feels like  years of old dark stuff moved off of me…

MM, Marin, CA

Jason is amazing! He is incredibly well trained and experienced. The combination of Rolfing and Chiropractic work during the same session allows your body to heal and transform in ways I didn’t know were possible. After I had a back injury/problem, I did 10 sessions with Jason over the course of a few months and I felt even better than before the injury. Now, I see him occasionally for “tuneups”. Since then, I have even been able to build strength more effectively so that I never have to worry about having another back injury again! And if I do, I know I have Jason!


That epicenter spot near my right sacrum is not hurting for the first time in over 10 years.
My tail bone moves. I feel so different.
Thank you.


Jason Rabineau is a rare gem! He has an extraordinary ability to be fully present, sensitive, deeply caring and to generously serve his patients on many levels. When I heard he was both a Chiropractor and a Rolfer I jumped at the opportunity to work with him as I knew his depth of knowledge would be exactly what I needed to finish healing a low back injury. What I did not expect was the depth of his intuitive skill and his remarkable ability to work on the energetic/emotional level as well as the physical. Not only have a received stabilizing results in my low back, but my level of confidence is greater and I have cleared old mis-perceptions of having a “weak” back. I highly recommend Jason (the compassionate Rolfer) to anyone seeking powerful change in their life.

LM, Marin, CA

Jason is a phenomenal healer, a gifted Rolfer and Chiropractor, a great listener with a sixth sense and a vigor for life that is contagious.  His manner is compassionate and attentive, without being overly formal or uptight.  The sessions I have had with him have made me feel more mobile and efficient in my body, and more free and empowered in my mind and spirit.  I have gotten far more out of the sessions than I would have ever imagined.  Jason is helping me to unwind and uncover a whole new body (and mind, and spirit).  And… I’m pretty sure I have gotten at least a half-inch taller.  Highly recommend Jason!  And am eternally grateful.

VL, Oakland, CA

I’d had a blocked left ear for about 6 weeks, and nothing had worked from eardrops to flushing–I could barely hear anything.  I told Jason about it, not really sure why, as from what I knew his work was more chiropractic healing -not ear drum opening. He started working on my neck and declared it was going to be a “chiropractic miracle.” I felt a lot of release in the adjustment, and a day later, it suddenly opened!  Jason’s awareness, knowledge and healing hands opened my ear to hear again!

LC, Australia

Both ankles are moving better than ever. That’s freed up my back, which feels the best it ever has! Thank you!


I just now got back to my computer after an INCREDIBLE bodywork session with Jason Rabineau. 

I was looking for an East Bay Rolfer and my neighborhood yoga studio recommended Jason.  I was intrigued and excited to explore his mixture of offerings — I knew I needed Rolfing, but paired with Chiropractic and his consciousness modality… what kind of transformation could I expect?  All I can say is: shazam!

  Jason’s excellent Rolfing and Chiropractic helped seriously move my healing forward as it relates to a recent sports injury and other body concerns.  That alone would have been worth it. But coupled with his consciousness modality — an incredible amount of energy shifted in me.  I feel lighter and happy.  Thanks, Jason!

Somatic expertise plus energetic awareness equals profound healing. Go see Jason!

EV, Oakland, CA

Hands down the most powerful and transformative experience in my life.  I first went to see Dr. Jason because of constant lower back pain that I’ve had for the last 10 plus years.  I was skeptical (it’s my nature) but in one hour he all but completely erased any of the difficulties I was having with my back.  This past weekend I finished #5 and I cannot believe how “in touch” I feel with my body.  I walk out of his office walking on air and really feel like what I am learning from him will help me to take better care of my body in the future.  It is astounding how Jason can pinpoint any problem you are having with your neck or back or knee without you even telling him about it and really give you the tools to FIX IT not just make it feel better.  Oh yeah, by the way…that back problem? GONE! and it’s been six months!


Jason offers a form of touch and teaching that relates to your whole person.  In my year of working with him, he’s become highly attuned to my challenges, and my intentions for body work.  His mastery of technique engenders an intense trust, which is no trivial thing when someone is interacting with your body in such a deep and intensive way.  His skillfulness is not cold – rather, Jason brings to his table a confident and healing touch that arises from his open and caring heart.  I’m serious: his grace and sensitivity matter as much as his technical range.  I recommend Jason to friends who are ready to experience a unique and expanded form of body work.

RR, Oakland, CA

Once a month, I drag myself into see Dr. Jason. I leave a completely different person. It feels like I’m walking on air when I leave — I’m serious.
I gave myself carpel tunnel at the age of 12 crocheting too much. For the next 21 years, my arm always hurt — from art, from computering, from typing, from my Bejeweled addiction. Even dishes and cooking would make my arm hurt.
After one visit with Jason, my arm was 90% better. Now I go back every month, and even when I beat myself up pretty badly working 12 hour days on the computer, I leave pain-free.
I am so grateful and lucky to have found him. Working with him has helped me not only on a physical level, but on an emotional one. I’ve released pent up anger and sadness resulting from 20 years of painful living. He is a true healer!

JH, Oakland, CA

Thank you for your support, facilitation, compassion and consultation.  I’m having breakthroughs on an hourly basis today.

BW, Oakland, CA

Dr J…
Entered my life through divine intervention…
…Jason has transformed me.
At eighteen years of age I dislocated my shoulder racing Supercross in San Diego. Some thirty years later, it took Jason’s touch, sensitivity, knowledge, power and caring to not only identify my physical challenge, but to actually address and repair my shoulder.
In addition, he has opened up flexibility, motion and natural movement in other severely injured parts of my body. A broken ankle that has had numerous plates and screws holding it in place. A broken wrist that hasn’t rotated in some twenty years. A broken elbow that hasn’t straightened in over twenty-five years.  Mind you, I have seen doctors, chiropractors and specialist everywhere I have raced and ridden in the world. All over the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Central and South America, and Europe.
Jason has given me an amazing gift… the ability to continue to grow and blossom  as both an athlete and a person.
Jason, I thank you with all of my heart!  And, I look forward to many years of dialogue and friendship.
With gratitude and appreciation,

Jon Ortner, Santa Barbara, CA

Jason is an intuitive, sensitive, and highly trained Chiropractor and Rolfer.  I’ve been seeing him for almost a year now and I’ve been amazed over and over again by the continued transformation that I see in my body.  I honestly never knew that this kind of health and energy were possible!  There is simply no question that Jason’s work changes lives.
As a professional Pilates Teacher I refer my clients to him constantly and without hesitation.  Jason’s unique combination of rolfing and chiropractic is an amazing complement to pilates, yoga, dance, or any other type of exercise.  Best of all, he is warm, friendly, and unintimidating so don’t be shy–just go see him!


Dr. Jason is magic.  He is a chiropractor and rolfer and the combination of the two practices is amazing.  I’m on session #4 of 10 rolfing sessions and I have never had bodywork that has spoken to my body like this.  It’s not for everybody for sure but for me, it makes sense.  It is deep, deep work + the benefits are absolutely incredible as well as immediate.  In addition, the chiropractic adjustment I received from Jason was the best I’ve ever received.  I feel like I walk out of his office with a new body each time.

KL, Oakland, CA

I just had my second session with Jason. Between tonight and my first session, the following things happened:
1. I started enjoying an entirely different set of shoulders and newfound flexibility in my neck immediately. (Tonight was legs and hips — can’t wait to see how that turns out!)
2. I was told by a masseuse that my rolfer “does *really* good work” on me. Of course I had to clarify and say I’d been just the once and then give her his card.
3. I quoted him directly in a yoga class I taught and the information blew everyone away. The man is a relentless student of the body and loves to share its miraculous inner-workings with anyone who’ll listen. It’s very cool if you like to geek out, which I do.
4. My Pilates instructor and I had full-blown conversation about how he’s psychic, as in verrrrry psychic. In both our cases, he placed his hands on us and proceeded to tell us things about our childhoods!
5. Everyone who’s spent more than five minutes with me has heard about him. I want everyone I know to experience for him/herself the transformation that he can facilitate in his/her body. Go now!
Also, he’s very cool and funny. He had this crazy analogy about a monkey riding your back in an elevator that totally worked. No, really.


Jason is a truly gifted bodyworker.  As a yoga teacher and massage therapist, I have received my share of bodywork over the years, and nothing has been as effective as the sessions I have had with Jason.  I am a serious yoga practitioner and have worked with patterns in my body for years that Jason shifted in one hour.  He is incredibly smart, very personable (ok, so he’s a little kooky in a good way, but that’s just a sign of genius), and very talented at what he does.

SH, Emeryville, CA

…I am feeling so much better and already so many things have changed. You worked magic on my feet – I can actually point my feet without them cramping and my big toe getting stuck.  I am actually thinking of going back to dance because of my new placement….


Seven years ago I had a serious injury to both feet which severely damaged the way I walk and put lots of stress on my knees, hips and back. I’ve seen many doctors, orthopedists, physical therapists, and chiropractors (some of whom have been very helpful and who I have reviewed on yelp), but no one has helped me nearly as much as Jason. Seeing him for 10 sessions of rolfing has been like getting an entirely new body–not only has he unwound many of the effects of my injury (I now can walk flat on my feet and with much less pain), but he also opened up my back and shoulders (abused by years of rock climbing), and improved a chronic elbow injury. He would also occasionally do chiropractic adjustments on me which were a nice compliment to the rolfing.
Some people have negative stereotypes about rolfing, but I have to say that it is the single most effective bodywork I have every experienced. Of course, a good technique still requires a good practitioner, so I can’t vouch for other rolfers besides Jason–but his work certainly speaks well for the technique as a whole. Rolfing can sometimes be uncomfortable, but in my experience this was mainly the result of my own tension and resistance to what Jason was trying to accomplish. As soon as I brought awareness to the part of my body he was working on and relaxed, the discomfort always subsided and I would often experience the feeling that a muscle or tendon had suddenly been moved to its proper place.
Jason makes you feel extremely comfortable. He’s very professional, but also laid back and has a good sense of humor. I can’t think of a single person I know who doesn’t need to see him, if not for 10 sessions, at least for one or two. The work he does is worth every penny.

Dr. James G, Oakland, CA

Jason is absolutely amazing!  Magic, in fact.  I went to Jason for rolfing, but received so much more than just bodywork.  I feel so lucky to have met him.  His intuitive senses and incredible knowledge and care, has made him the most remarkable person I have encountered.  After just one session, I felt as though I was floating down the street, and smiling the whole time.  And, each session after just got better and better! I went in for a tight hip flexor from running, yet somehow he not only helped that, but seemed to remove the weight of the world that I had been unknowingly carrying around on my shoulders.  He pairs his energy and intention along with his rolfing and chiropractic skills and my goodness, you will come out a whole new being.  It is pretty cool!  I have sent many friends and family members to Jason since meeting him, and only rave reviews and appreciation has been returned to me.  He is simply awesome.  Oh, and by the way, my running has improved 10fold – it is so much fun!


…I am happy to report that I feel a deepening sense of body (and head) function.  My feet remain quite hardy, and the rest of my body has handled some increased use.  I even went downhill skiing for the first time in 15 years with no issue what so ever.  Remarkable.  Thank you for all that you have helped me with, most especially the self-healing…

JW, Oakland, CA

…I’ve been meaning to write you an e-mail to let you know how good my body has been feeling and how infrequently i’m experiencing any of the aches and pains that i’ve dealt with over the last 10 years!  pretty amazing!  really feeling the benefits of having done the whole sequence – there’s definitely something to be said for addressing the fundamental integration of the body as opposed to always just responding to specific problems…

RR, Oakland, CA

Jason is an amazingly intuitive bodyworker.  His combined knowledge of rolfing and chiropratic work gives him an understanding of the body that always impresses me.  I am delighted by the changes in my body and its ability to perform daily tasks with more efficiency and ease.
I have sent many of my Pilates clients to Jason.  All of them have experienced profound changes, enabling them to gain even more from their pilates practice, as well as their daily life.  I really can’t recommend him any higher!

ST Oakland, CA

Working with Jason has changed my life.
I originally went to see him out of the basic curiosity of wanting to explore what this ‘thing’ called Rolfing really was. In addition, I had suffered from various chronic pain issues over the years, and Rolfing was something that had been suggested to me on various occasions by various friends and holistic health care professionals.
In the years of pursuit to heal my body and address my ‘pain’ issues, I have participated in Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic care, as well as extensive exercise and yoga.  Although all of those  practices and modalities have helped improve my pain as well as enriched my life on various levels, my bodywork with Jason was the missing link and an opening of a door that I did not consciously know existed.
My plan was to speak to various rolfers and explore single sessions with each of them to find the right fit. However, after a great first phone conversation with Jason, followed by an AMAZING first session, there was no need for me to go any further. With Jason, I had found what I didn’t even know I was truly looking for!
Jason and I formed an immediate connection and partnership in my quest to heal my body. He helped me realize how connected I already was with my body and helped me discard years of ‘stuff’ I did not need. During each session, he helped free me on so many levels that my body often felt as though it was floating at the end of every session.
After 10 sessions, I have a new body inside and out. In addition to having a new body, my attitude, disposition,  and overall thought process has also shifted in a remarkable way.
Rolfing has proved to be one of the best gifts I could have ever given to myself. And I am truly grateful for Jason for helping me on this journey.


Jason’s expertise extends to a level whereby his focus on a client is akin to the focus of a panel of experts. While he is clinically trained in practical and conservative methods, he is also highly gifted, trained, and experienced on an intuitive level- and he applies this broad-ranging knowledge to sessions with the client. Jason’s all encompassing style is leading the way to the kind of therapeutic bodywork that is becoming part of a healthy quality of life regimen in addition to being applicable in acute situations.  I highly highly recommend his services. They can be a life changer for some. Additionally, he has a truly fantastic sense of humor!

LL, Kawaii, Hi

Today is a brand new day for my body.  Being a surfer for 30 years and feeling like my body had already begun to die a tired and tense death at the ripe middle age of 47, I found Jason’s amazing treatment to be the best i’ve ever had.  When I stood up from the table, I literally felt like I had a “new” feeling in my body, a freedom and peace in my mind like never before.  This day is the pinnacle of all my sessions with body workers so far.
Thank you so much Jason, you are truly gifted.

Glen Casey, Patagonia M.D. Australia.

…I integrated the work very well and my back continues to feel less vulnerable and in right alignment. Of course the work translated into greater confidence when I am working and navigating in the world.  I can already feel I have integrated some of what I picked up in my sessions with clients. So, I am completely – over the top thrilled!!!!  :)…

LM, Marin, CA

I have been seeing Jason for about a year and have found him to be a unique and gifted practitioner. I was referred to him by a PT as I searched for relief from chronic pain. I was new to Rolfing but willing to give it a try (as I had tried nearly everything else). What I got was hands on bodywork that did help to make improvements to my pain. Additionally and perhaps more beneficial was the awareness I got about my mind and body connection. Jason opened my eyes to the link between the life choices we make (physically and mentally) and how that can manifest within the body. I appreciate the whole body approach he takes – looking at it as one interconnected system.  This has changed how I think about my own body and made me feel smarter about how I evaluate the information I receive from other practioners. I will say as a heads up Rolfing is intense but in my case rewarding.

CO, Oakland, CA

Jason is very good at what he does. He makes his clients feel comfortable and has lots of creative ways to explain how the alterations he makes change your body’s efficiency at carrying you around.
I often will call my mom after a session and exclaim at how cool and strange it is to have brand new wrists! He never pushes to the point of pain, but I always feel very different when I leave his office, and his alterations stick.
I have emphatically recommended his work to people that would never consider Rolfing because they would normally be to conservative for anything other Orthopedics.
I am not a dancer or even an especially physical person. I set behind a desk all day, so the work he has done has been even that much more beneficial. Jason is great.

MM, Sf, CA

…I hope this email finds you well. I have to credit you with transforming my life 🙂 The past couple of months have been a continuous uncovering of a new range of motion in my body (and mind) Not only am I discovering this new space, I am realizing how locked down I was before and how much the pain in my back was effecting so many aspects of my life…


Amazing appointment today!  Thanks.  The changes are quite apparent, from just breathing to the way I’m walking.  it is unbelievable!Just wanted to share.  Thank you!


I just finished my pilates class. I am amazed how well my body works. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

GM, Marin, CA
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