Energetic And Structural Embodiment (EASE):  An EASE session can include soft tissue work, Chiropractic adjustments, energetic healing and Embodied Coaching – typically in a Rolfing series format.  Sessions are structured to achieve the biggest, longest-lasting result in the shortest time possible.  Sessions are 90 +/- 10 minutes.  Traditional Rolfing attire is bra/underwear, boxer briefs, or yoga shorts/top.  The fee per session is $305-$335 for in-office visits.  Outcall/traveling fee is $375 per hour, prorated after the first hour.

Chiropractic Adjustments: Clients can book Chiropractic adjustment appointments for an allotted amount of time.  In that time, Dr. Rabineau may utilize soft tissue work, Chiropractic adjustments,  and/or energetic work.  Rates are $85 per 15 minutes.  You may book as long a session as you like.


Embodied Coaching–in-person or by phone: These sessions use verbal, energetic, emotional and somatic techniques to uproot limiting patterns that keep you stuck and to connect you with your body.  Going beyond the cognitive mind and conventional mental gymnastics, Embodied Coaching allows you to awaken from unconsciousness into embodying your bigger awareness, opening the doors to remembering your true self.  From this place of clarity, depth and wisdom, you can relax and experience your truth.  From here, your true choices emerge.  $305-$355 – 65 minutes

Bars:  This Access Consciousness modality session lasts about an hour and consists of light touch at various points on the head, causing electromagnetic release which can induce deep relaxation and facilitate physical and emotional transformation.  More information can be found at  $305–70 minutes

Payment Methods:  Cash, Check, Credit Card, Paypal

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