EASE Classes

E.A.S.E. (Energetic And Structural Embodiment)

“Unlocking the body, unleashing the being”

Are you a professional working with the body, the psyche or helping people become more conscious and empowered?  Would you like to fill your schedule, while getting exponentially greater results with less work?

Do you feel drawn to help people improve their quality of life despite your lack of training?  Would you like to learn some simple tools and techniques to change lives and bodies now?

There are EASE classes for everyone, regardless of previous experience…

EASE is a life-enhancing method of physical, emotional and energetic transformation created by Dr. Jason Rabineau.  It combines numerous hands-on techniques, modes of intuitive perception and energetic processes to facilitate radical healing and wellness with minimal effort.  Dr. Rabineau’s training spans a wide spectrum of modalities, including Rolfing Structural Integration, Chiropractic and various transformational energetic techniques, most notably Access Consciousness by Gary Douglas and Mastery Systems by Robert Tennyson Stevens .

The EASE training is designed for bodyworkers, including Physicians, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Structural Integration Practitioners, Acupuncturists, Energy Healers, Somatic and Movement Therapists, Yoga, Pilates, and Gyrotonics Instructors and everyone else who desires to work with the body to facilitate wellness and healing.  It is geared to allow each participant to work within his or her licensing.  For those without prior training or experience, EASE can serve as the foundation of your work.

The EASE seminar will give you the tools to expand your awareness and potency, maximizing results with your clients, while allowing for more ease for you in your practice.  It is both experiential and practical.  EASE classes facilitate healing and transformation in the participants, while providing the energetic and hands-on skills necessary for creating greater possibilities of wellness and living.

Dr. Rabineau was inspired to develop this work based on his own experience and the observation of other healing professionals facing the many challenges all healers face from time to time: doubting their potency, feeling drained from taking on other people’s energy and emotions, being unclear of what they offer clients, suffering stress and strain on the body, struggling with difficult clients, questioning whether they were doing a good enough job, knowing when they had done enough, understanding the client/practitioner relationship, and knowing what was required for their own self-care and healing.

EASE classes facilitate you in getting out of your own way.  To help you find a place of awareness without judgement and the space which can allow for everything as it is, while inviting change.  It is transformational work that allows for the removal of blocks and limiting structures, both physical and energetic, generating new possibilities for its practitioners and their clients.  In this space, you no longer require proof and outside validation to be and receive you and all that you have to offer.

There is a disparity between what our clients expect from us, what we expect from us, and what is truly possible.  With EASE, clarity emerges, as you become the bridge between your client’s pain and the life they never knew they could have.

EASE for Access – 1-4 Day Classes

This class is offered to those with prior experience with Access Consciousness who are looking to expand their awareness of bodies, healing and transformation. In this class,  you will deepen your ability to be the invitation to the physical and energetic transformation you know is possible.   Expanding on Access tools, techniques and principles, this EASE class will give you the additional hands-on and hands-off tools required to unlock bodies from their contracted, resistant state, while also giving you more access to your unique healing abilities.

EASE Pro – 1-4 Day Classes

This class is designed for the licensed practitioner seeking to be more engaged and effective in his or her own practice.   This EASE class includes the energetic and verbal processing tools which can allow the participants to awaken to a new level of embodied awareness in their practices and in their lives.  The EASE training is appropriate for the sensitive and conscious practitioner–or those aspiring to be. Energetic awareness and presence will be the building block on which this class is structured.

What previous participants are saying…

“Jason has worked on me personally many times and each time, there is a greater freedom and a greater joy with my body. His work creates ease with your body and communion with the being.  I highly recommend that you try this with him and that you meet this amazing guy ‘cause he can do miraculous stuff “-Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness

“I’ve never experienced anything like it.  I came into [the class] with an incredible tense and locked-up body and now I feel that my cells are singing with joy.  There’s so much more space, awareness and-indescribable-joy is really he only word I can give…thank you so much…. ”

“[The class] far exceeded my wildest expectations–my body feels fantastic, I’ve had a fun time, and I’ve got a huge amount that I can contribute to my family and my clients…thank you so much!”

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