Access Classes

Access Consciousness

Dr. Rabineau offers Access Consciousness Classes — The Bars, Foundation and Level 1 and assorted body classes.  Access covers a wide spectrum of tools, techniques, awarenesses and processes to live with more freedom, peace and potency.

Access is not about “doing it right,” “getting it right” or finding the answer.  In fact, it is about functioning from a completely different reality, where we can live fully in the moment, undistracted by rightness, righteousness or judgement.  Being fully present and inviting greater awareness, we access possibilities we couldn’t previously see.  Access tools assist you in generating new possibilities for your life, rather than living confined by the limitations of the past.

When we step out of limitations based on our past reactions and our environment, we open the doors to living our genius and our joy.

Are great things achieved by the masses? Or are they realized by a precious few?  True leaders step out of what is regarded as “normal” by the people around them.  What would this planet look like if the individuals forming the masses began living their genius and their truth?

Is the time of looking outside ourselves for answers, guidance, validation and saviors over?

Are you ready to step out of merely “surviving” into “thriving”–into embodying your greatest potential and living your highest joy?  When you step into your thriving life, you open new possibilities for the people around you just by being you! Sound like fun?

Come play with us!

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