The Stress Connection

Argonetics™ is a system combining hands-on bodywork and interpersonal healing to create change in your body and your life.

One of the biggest blocks to our physical and emotional well-being is stress.  Addressing the root causes of stress is a powerful way to start healing the body and taking our lives back.  Once we manage stress better, we have more energy and presence available to make better choices in our lives,  communicate more effectively, enjoy closer relationships with family and friends, free ourselves from judgement of ourselves and others, and live more courageously, authentically, creatively and intuitively.

Emotional Stress is Physical.

Emotional stress suppresses immune function, causes inflammation and creates chaos throughout all of the body’s systems.  Stress, the foundation of our body’s natural protective mechanisms, is designed to be a temporary state.

For thousands, of years, we ran from the tiger, the tiger went away, and we recovered and moved on.  Today, however, in the modern world, we are confronted with innumerable stressors constantly.  Our bodies never get the chance to heal because we are confronted by activating experiences and intensity throughout the day, every day.  To make matters worse, our natural ways of recovering from stress are missing from our current social norms.

Since the source of stress is our own body (it is reacting to a busy, chaotic world), there are many ways to decrease stress, even in the same environment.  Often, after settling the nervous system, we are able to access information and see options we did not know were available previously.  Because it reduces blood flow to the cerebral cortex, stress decreases our ability to process information and respond with greatest effectiveness.

Here is a list of symptoms of stress from

Common effects of stress on your body 


•Muscle tension or pain

•Chest pain


•Change in sex drive

•Stomach upset

•Sleep problems

Common effects of stress on your mood 



•Lack of motivation or focus

•Feeling overwhelmed

•Irritability or anger

•Sadness or depression

Common effects of stress on your behavior 

•Overeating or undereating

•Angry outbursts

•Drug or alcohol abuse

•Tobacco use

•Social withdrawal

•Exercising less often

There is no doubt that healing our bodies and moving our lives forward, requires us to address stress in our lives.  This means that we must work with our physical health, change our patterns of emotional reaction, and engage our will to live as the person we know we can be.

Physical Dysfunction Stresses Us Mentally and Emotionally.

Physical pain and dysfunction stress the nervous system and result in being physically and emotionally drained.  Beyond that, studies have shown that chronic pain actually causes damage to various parts of the brain.

More often than not, physical pain and discomfort come from a combination of imbalances in the body’s soft tissues and the nervous system.  The body’s intrinsic healing mechanisms are designed to patch us together to keep us alive and moving, not necessarily to prepare us for a constantly mentally and emotionally draining world.

This random patchwork of injury repairs continues to develop over a lifetime and at some point, begins to wear us down.  The stiffer, less organized, less integrated sections of repair interrupt the normal dispersion of forces through the body’s soft tissue network and hinders its ability to allow for free joint motion, easeful flexibility, greater movement of energy.

The restoration of flexibility, movement, and communication through the myofascial network creates a feeling of lift up the body, allowing for a sense of effortless posture, lightness and ease.  The physical, physiological, energetic, and even emotional benefits of hands-on work can not be overstated.  Our perception of ourselves, our lives, our present, our past and our future are all governed by the state of our body (unless you are an enlightened master).

As a result of our body’s natural injury repair processes and its adaptation to these repairs, our tissues lose their elasticity, mobility, and energy.  Our body is not designed to function optimally.  It is designed to function “just well enough.”  Over time, the body’s brilliant, localized compensations to injuries begin to wear out the overall system in which they function.  As a result, we experience chronic aches, pains, stiffness, and degeneration.

The body is capable of greater healing and vitality than we can currently imagine.  Aches and pains that we are sure will never improve due to chronic injury, or “old age,” even confirmed by images from X-rays or MRIs actually can be healed.  Every day, clients say something to the effect of ”I never could have believed I could feel like this.”  It can be so easy to fall into the belief that we can never get better.  And this belief, whether voiced or not, adds to our downward spiral of depression, premature aging, and a diminishment of aliveness.

Presence and Self-Awareness is key to living the life we want.

Living our lives on the highest level requires more than merely addressing stress.  Lacking connection to our deeper awareness decreases our sense of well-being and our ability to make empowered, authentic and creative choices. This directly impacts our ability to create a happy and fulfilling life.

As anyone savvy in marketing research can tell you, we do not make choices rationally.  We are not rational creatures, as much as we would like to believe so.  We make our decisions based on emotional responses.  So, what determines these subconscious reactions that ultimately steer our lives?

Our choices can either arise from our deepest wisdom or they can come from our reactions to unconscious, unresolved feelings from past experiences.  When we are reactive (rather than responding appropriately or optimally in the present moment), it is almost always due to unresolved feelings about the past.  In this scenario, we are not able to make empowered, wise choices. Instead, we end up making the same mistakes over and over.  We continue to unconsciously sabotage our ability to have the people, the things and ultimately, the lives we truly desire, based on reactivity and negative emotional patterns.  These patterns bolster feelings of self-doubt, self-hate, malaise, boredom, frustration, loneliness, etc…

ArgoneticsTM addresses all of these dimensions of health.

Whether it is emotional reactivity leading to stress responses, physical pain leading to negative belief systems, or simply feeling that you would like things to change, Argonetics can help.  Argonetics combines the most clinically powerful hands-on healing work and interpersonal healing techniques to help you make the changes you are looking for. 

Argonetics applies techniques and theory of Rolfing Structural IntegrationTM, energetic and structural Chiropractic, cutting-edge neuroscience, somato-emotional practices, inner-guidance and awareness coaching, strategic mentoring, and a host of other approaches to meet you where you are and assist you to resolve and move beyond whatever is holding you back.

Sessions are strategically focused and designed to meet the preferences, needs, and desired outcomes of each client.

Does this stuff really work?

Elite athletes, musicians, entertainers and others requiring consistent, optimal results have been using Chiropractic and Rolfing Structural IntegrationTM for years to give them the edge and enhance their healing and performance.

High level business executives, entrepreneurs, and others with great responsibility and visibility know that mindfulness practices combined with practical, strategic support optimizes creative thinking, confidence, and ability to lead with clarity.

Combining the most effective techniques for healing the body, freeing the nervous system, becoming more conscious, present, and aware allows for the transformation you are looking for.

Life can be physically, mentally and emotionally challenging.  By addressing each client as a unique individual and utilizing a broad spectrum of techniques and perspectives, Argonetics delivers results quickly and elegantly.

Phone and Skype sessions are also available.

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